We develop websites that fit in with your style. They're functional & professional - sites that you can easily maintain yourself.

No fuss, no hip terms, no "blah blah" advertising language. We create beautiful, effective design... Simple!

Our primary focus is delivering quality, performance and real value for our clients and their customers

Positioning your company. About your brand. Development of your identity. Creating creative campaigns. Content creation.Creating great company logos with matching corporate identity. Designing beautiful packaging. We understand how to get to your customer online. We are Ambasco, a bit spicy, honest, straightforward, creative and practical. A team of digital marketing and brand strategists, designers, copywriters and web developers. Always open for a nice conversation. The coffee is ready. Of course with a nice biscuit. Fancy Meeting?

Ambasco, design and marketing. A little spice never hurt.

It can be tough! Choosing a good design agency. One that suits you, that speaks your language and who understands your business. You’ve grown your business and you’re looking for a (new) agency because you find that you’re now taking great leaps forward with your company. Your staff numbers grow too; you may open several branches and it becomes more and more difficult to communicate clearly. Of course you want and need a design agency where nice, sincere people work. An agency that surprises you. Not just today. But also tomorrow and in 3 years. An agency that helps you achieve success.

Still having doubts? Are you looking for someone to help withyour advertising, or marketing, or both?

According to the theory, advertising is part of your marketing plan. But we do not make marketing plans for you. You can do that much better yourself. You know what you want, who your customers are and what your customers need. What we do is help you translate your ideas into great marketing campaigns and good and effective advertising designs. Of course based upon what your customers need. Is that what you’re looking for? Professional support with your advertising and marketing? Actually, we would love to hear that. Shall we have a chat?

Maybe it’s still a bit too much? Well, we can go a little more focused.

You probably feel that it’s good if a specialist takes a look at your overall appearance. Is what you want to communicatie correct? Is it consistent? Or maybe you’re looking for a fun promotion to promote your service. What you may also run into is how you can keep your site up-to-date, post new content, ensure that you are found online. Or maybe you need a new website. We love all of that stuff. And even better. We are pretty good at it.

Strategy and Branding

How do you want to position yourself in the market? How do you want to come across? A strong corporate identity and logo are essential for your story. We help you to achieve a consistent appearance throughout all your communications. Our marketing strategists help you turn your ideas into a good and attractive story.

Action Marketing

Promotion of your service or product. Nice attractive short and long-term promotions. We can help. We will determine your goals together with you. What’s the purpose? What do you want to achieve and for who? Do you want high profile or do you want low-key? Maybe for a trade show. Our creatives will work with you. Yes, you read that right. Together. You provide the input. We translate. And we enjoy the process. We produce the goods. Sometimes alone, sometimes we call in our trusted partners.

Online Marketing

We understand how to get to your target audience, online. Our website developers translate this into a great website. Not only beautiful, but also functional. Our digital marketing strategists help you get found, and also with your online marketing. Our copywriters tell your story. For your website and for your newsletters.

All great stuff. But what I really want is a new brochure.

Of course. We get it. We’d love to help you. Lets have a call. Ok? We’ll talk through your wishes and come up with a clear and transparent solution. We’ll happily help you with your advertising at a strategic level and support you with your marketing plan. But we are just as happy to do a single job for you. That also makes us happy!

Company logos and identity

Your logo and corporate identity is your company. Weird statement. Right. But just like you dress and behave in a certain way, your logo, corporate identity, the behavior of your employees and the services you offer determine how people view your company. It must be right. It should fit. That’s what we like to do. Find the balance of who you are and who you want to be. And visualise and implement that in everything you communicate.

Website design

We know how to communicate your message to people online. We provide professional web design, built in WordPress. In your house style of course. Together we’ll determine what you want to achieve. And help you on your way with search engine marketing, if you want, we can take care of it completely for you. We can also produce content together with you. We deliver sites you will be proud of!

Packaging design

We all need packaging. That is a profession apart. We not only make a beautiful designs. But we have to think three-dimensionally too. You’re dealing with requirements for the products to be packed, legal requirements, logistical requirements. In short, this requires a specialist. Let’s just say; we have a lot of experience in that! We help you with a catchy and distinctive packaging design. We strengthen your brand.

Outdoor signage

Your branding. Your logo. Your corporate identity. Done in outdoor and indoor signage. Do you want a outdoor signage or do you want the counter in your company or in your store to have a certain appearance? Not a problem. We’ve done it before. Including applying for the necessary permits. Yes, it is something more than making something beautiful. Sometimes you also have to go through the bureaucratic mill. We done it all before. We are experienced.

UX Design

UX Design

Often UI/UX is underestimated. The consequences of not spending time and attention to ensure the user experience (UX) and interface of your product is professionally designed and presented are huge.

Ambasco work closely with you and your developers to understand the customers’ needs and your own requirements; allowing us to create functional and beautiful designs that will please your customers, engage, and convert.


Promotional material

Brochures, flyers, magazines, posters. Your presentation material to promote your company, service, product or action. We have made everything over the years. In any shape, in any size. Always working together. Together with you as a customer. And together with our partners. For example with printers if we want something special in paper, or with one of our photographers if we needed special and personal images. We convert your story into images and text. For your customer. For you.

Annual reports

You work hard all year round. And then the time has come. You need to make a report for the shareholders, sponsors and other interested parties. This must of course look slick! The figures should reflect the story. Your stories and activities should appeal. We’ve trodden that path a few times. Our designers are able to visualise, package and enhance your story; your figures. Naturally in line with your corporate identity.

Social Media

It is impossible to imagine that social media was not there a few years ago. Both in private and business. That’s the problem many companies face. The use of social media is somewhat different for business and private. You can use the various social media channels perfectly to strengthen your identity. Each channel offers you the possibility to design the header of your channel in your own style. Your profile image can be in style of your logo. The images you place can be set up in such a way that your house style is also visible there. And videos you post can start with your own image. Are you ready?

Action Marketing

Action! Action! Action! It’s nice isn’t it? To do something special for your customer. To promote your product or service. Or because you attend an exhibition. Ambasco’s marketing specialists can help you with creative, fun and effective promotions. All you have to do is tell us what you want. Think of a nice 2 for the price of 1 promotion, savings promotions for amusement park vouchers, loyalty programs for loyal members. Just some examples, always tailor-made for your company and your target group.

The faces behind Ambasco …

And you probably want to know who is going to make all this for you? There has to be a connection, of course. Because if you understand each other it all becomes easier. We love fun, but we work hard and take our work seriously. We learn from our customers. Every day continually. And they learn from us. Nothing better than absorbing knowledge and sharing knowledge. Every customer is unique. Each customer has different specialties. You can learn from everyone. When are we going to learn from each other?

We can’t do it alone, and neither can they. Working together makes you stronger.

About Ambasco

Ambasco, creative advertising agency from Berkshire. Our passion lies in the graphic design of the ambitions of our customers. We like to work in a personal way with our clients. Only through personal contact do we get to know a company and its target group well. The Ambascoteam has extensive experience in all forms of communication, from house style and website to brochures, packaging, outdoor advertising and complete exhibition design.

Ambasco Design

We work on building the positioning of your brand & corporate identity together. The creatives at Ambasco Design are hugely experienced. From corporate identity and logo development to design and development of  great websites. Strengthening your brand through a campaign, online – offline. We can do it and we do it. Continuously. For many different companies, there are many examples we can show you and testimonials if you need them

Ambasco Marketing

Understanding your brand, your clients and prospects. Aligned with the essence of your brand. Ambasco translate your business plans and marketing goals to effective campaigns. Combining your corporate identity, with killer designs and clever, creative ways to reach your audience. Delivering campaigns, online and offline. We love to think creatively. We proudly partner with companies, big and small. We deliver results.