The best way to predict the future is to just create it

Your message in the picture. In style. For the right target group.

Ambasco design agency from Maidenhead is a multidisciplinary agency active in all areas of communication. The Ambasco team brings over 20 years of experience to develop your corporate identity, strengthen your online look and develop your packaging. Communication starts with the logo and the corporate identity and grows into brochures, posters, indoor and outdoor advertising and of course your website.

We discover your business, we discover your target group and link your goals to a beautiful design. Design can be found in everything. Whether it’s a brochure, an invitation to an event, an email, a newsletter or an advertisement. Everything you’re trying to say about your business gets stronger if it’s supported by a consistent and strong design.

Visual expression and creativity translated into design with a clear vision. Practice is the key word. We want to know how a company works. Why certain decisions are made and we want to know who a company works for. With each design, whether it’s a new logo, a new website, a new brochure or, for example, a new packaging, we do the same. We want the result to be effective, for you to get more visitors on your website, and you make more money. But above all, we also want you to be proud of what we have developed together. Only then does advertising and communication work!

Ambasco uses a practical approach in which the designers and possibly technical people from the web development team have direct contact with the customer. The starting point is the customer’s business plan, and of course the products/services and the objective of what the customer wants to achieve. The employees of Design Agency Ambasco who are responsible for creation and marketing are experienced people who have all worked at multiple agencies from large to small.

Interest in companies drives our ambition

Budgets are always as transparent as possible. Our target group is SMEs in Maidenhead, Reading and surrounding areas. Ambasco’s employees are interested in other companies, products and services. We always visit companies as much as possible to really learn how a company works. We learn from this ourselves and become all-rounders. Ideas and processes at other companies also help us broaden our vision and adapt our own processes. By dealing with customers in this way, we also really experience what a customer is like, what problems they encounter and how we can best help them. This practical approach also gives a good relationship with the customer. Our interest is not purely business.

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About Ambasco

Ambasco, creative advertising agency from Berkshire. Our passion lies in the graphic design of the ambitions of our customers. We like to work in a personal way with our clients. Only through personal contact do we get to know a company and its target group well. The Ambascoteam has extensive experience in all forms of communication, from house style and website to brochures, packaging, outdoor advertising and complete exhibition design.

Ambasco Design

We work on building the positioning of your brand & corporate identity together. The creatives at Ambasco Design are hugely experienced. From corporate identity and logo development to design and development of  great websites. Strengthening your brand through a campaign, online – offline. We can do it and we do it. Continuously. For many different companies, there are many examples we can show you and testimonials if you need them

Ambasco Marketing

Understanding your brand, your clients and prospects. Aligned with the essence of your brand. Ambasco translate your business plans and marketing goals to effective campaigns. Combining your corporate identity, with killer designs and clever, creative ways to reach your audience. Delivering campaigns, online and offline. We love to think creatively. We proudly partner with companies, big and small. We deliver results.