All about a Design Audit

Discover What is a design audit, why you need one and how we do it.


The word audit already sounds intimidating, but actually a design audit is nothing of the sort, and undertaking one, can be hugely beneficial to your business.

A design audit is basically an analysis of all the design elements in use by your company. It ensures the visual elements, including your corporate branding, is consistent and deliver the same impression and message across all channels and outlets.


No matter whether you are a huge or small company, you need both a well-defined indentity, and consistent branding.

This leads to you being able to properly manage your company’s visual design material, control what is communicated and therefore refine and exploit your written message.

Your company and its message is strengthened when your brand has a solid foundation, delivered with clarity. Naturally this leads to more clients and customers engaging, and more sales.

This article explains the process of  a design audit in more detail.


5 Point Branding Audit


Gather EVERY piece of design (yes all of it). Include social media posts, stationery, business cards, pitch decks, webinar slides, apps, website; anything that is a touch point for your clients, anything and everything!


Study the different collateral and note the similarities and differences, the patterns, colours, functions.


Consider the content. Analyse the tone and message. Is your company saying what you want to say, in the right way? Make notes on where it deviates. As times change, so does the way we communicate with our clients. Is your message dated?


Usability is also key. Evaluate the usability and accessibility of your website and your apps. This is crucial for a good user experience. Often usability problems reflect your client’s perception of your company, and they usually vote with their feet. Simple errors can cost your company dearly, its essential to get this right.


Collate the correct and preferred styles, to provide the right departments or people with the right logo files! Additionally, this will provide you with ideas on how you may wish to update your visual branding and styles.

If you are looking to work on  a design audit yourself, it’s worth looking at Jakob Nielsen’s 10 general principles (called heuristics) for interaction design created in 1994 and still used today this may help you:

Visibility of system status

Deliver feedback to the user on where they are, what’s going on there, what they need to do next, where “next” is and so on.

Match between system and the real world

Always use natural flowing language, speak the way your target audience does, not like a computer.

User control and freedom

Ensure it’s easy to undo an action or to redo it.

Consistency and standards

Be consistent.

Error prevention

Try to make it as easy and obvious as possible for a user to avoid or prevent an error.

Recognition rather than recall

Make the life of the user easy by not making them have to think; your job is to make their experience with you seamless, not cumbersome.

Flexibility and efficiency of use

Ensure that the experience can be appropriate for novice and power users.

Aesthetic and minimalist design

Every design element needs a clear purpose; keep things as simple as possible.

Assist users to recognise, diagnose, and recover from errors

Use plain English error messages as if you’re speaking to a friend; explain what went wrong and the exact solution to fix the error.

Provide Help and documentation

Help and documentation should be easily accessible and understandable.

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Order Your Free Design Audit

We love to help you. And you know what? We do it for free. Just to get you started. And of course, we are not just here to help everyone for free. We hope you will talk to us and see how we can help you.


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