The Perfect Logo Design – Tailored For Your Business

Why choose a professional graphic design company for logo design and corporate identity for your business?

Your logo design is an essential part of your brand and corporate identity, and you should not underestimate the effect it has on the success of your company. In fact, success starts with your logo.

When undertaken properly, your corporate logo is instantly associated with your brand or business. It subconsciously lingers in your clients’ and associates’ minds and builds a lasting relationship with your audience. The logo and corporate style manages the expectations of your visitors.

So why use a logo design and corporate identity specialist like Ambasco?

A professional logo design agency such as Ambasco work with you to create a unique logo, and this is the important part: its a partnership. Our in-house design team understand that your brand starts from the day you create your new logo and how important it is for you to be involved in creating that.

This partnership is essential to creating the best logo and corporate identity for your company. You can’t do it alone.

Don’t wait for a an off the shelf logo company (based on their price alone) to deliver you something  they found out of a book of ready made designs, while knowing nothing about you or your goals and dreams. This is actually an expensive mistake.You really owe it to your future brand to work with a company that will actually talk with you, work with you, understand and discuss with you the development of your corporate branding… So just take a little time to speak to Ambasco UK – that’s what we’re good at; it’s what we do.

Some of the logo’s developed by us

logo ontwerp
LOA Associates
logo ontwerp
LOA Associates
Let's Meet Up

Lets meet. Have a cup of coffee or tea. Whatever is your favorite. Tell us about your ideas, your plans. We love to hear them.

Contact us

Unlike other agencies, at Ambasco we don’t hide our designers away in a dark room!

Yes I’d love to have a chat, with one of the Ambasco designers, and listen to their ideas for my brand design, with no obligations, all before I decide to work with you!

We believe that you need to know the person you’re working with.

So, we are happy to introduce you to one of our hugely experienced graphic designers, with years of experience under their belt; on a telephone or zoom call – right from the start.

In fact we’ll get one of our designers to discuss your requirements with you, before you even decide to work with us, and at worst you’ll come away with some great ideas, even if you don’t decide to go ahead. You’ve nothing to lose and lots to gain.

Our Promise

  • A unique logo tailored to your needs
  • Multiple draft proposals
  • Short lines. Direct contact with the designer
  • Full right of use of the design

About Ambasco

Ambasco, creative advertising agency from Haarlem in the NL and Maidenhead in the UK. Our passion lies in the graphic design of the ambitions of our customers. We like to work in a personal way with our clients. Only through personal contact do we get to know a company and its target group well. The Ambascoteam has extensive experience in all forms of communication, from house style and website to brochures, packaging, outdoor advertising and complete exhibition design.

Ambasco Advertising

Building the positioning of your brand together. To the identity of your company. The creatives of Ambasco Design bring a huge dose of experience. From corporate identity and logo development to design and development of a great website. Strengthening your brand through a campaign, online – offline. We can do it and we do it. Continuously. For many different companies.

Ambasco Marketing

Understanding your brand, your clients and prospects. Aligned with the essence of your brand. Ambasco translate your business plans and marketing goals to effective campaigns. Combining your corporate identity, with killer designs and clever, creative ways to reach your audience. Delivering campaigns, online and offline. We love to think creatively. We proudly partner with companies, big and small. We deliver results.