The design of logo and corporate identity starts with listening.

Every company has a logo and corporate identity. It is the logo by which customers can recognise the organisation at a glance. If a logo consists only of text, we call it a word mark. If you use a symbol, you are talking about a logo.
In general, both are used in combination. The power of a logo is that it lingers in people’s minds, people recognise it faster. Think of Nike’s swoosh, for example. In other words, a good logo is actually vital for a company.

What should you think about when developing a logo?

It is important to realise that the logo represents the identity of the organisation. As soon as you partner with Ambasco, we will go through a process together to identify the core values. We translate these core values graphically and ultimately form the basis for your entire corporate identity. The corporate identity is actually a collective name for the complete picture that you want to radiate as a company. The feeling it creates is important. What do you want to achieve? A gym may want to achieve a dynamic, active feeling while a doctor wants someone to feel comfortable.

For us as graphic designers, it is important that we understand the company and the target group well. The first step taken is to talk and watch. We want to feel how the company works and we want to know what you stand for.

At the end of the day, the corporate identity is all about recognition. Using a logo, specific shapes, font, colors, and also photos ensure that your audience recognises your utterances. The consistent application of these expressions ensures that the brand becomes stronger and stronger. People will start to see at a glance that an expression comes from your organisation.

What can you count on?

  • A unique logo tailored to your needs
  • Multiple draft proposals
  • Short lines. Direct contact with the designer
  • Full right of use of the design

A refresh of an existing logo

You already have a logo and you use it intensively. Yet there often comes a time when you think. Hmmm, isn’t it even time for an update? Ambasco is very strong at this. The process for modifying an existing logo is not very different from creating a completely new logo. In this case too, we want to go deep. We want to know what drives your business. Sometimes we recommend a completely new logo. Sometimes addition of a logo, sometimes another letter, colors, etc.. We are going step by step towards a new fresh design of the existing logo and ensure that people still recognise the organisation. The DNA of the organisation remains in the logo. In short, Ambasco is able to refresh your logo while retaining character.

Below is an example of a restyle of the ChildsLife logo. The customer did not want to go too far and wanted the logo to remain recognisable. But it’s so fresh and modern.

The next step: the development of the corporate identity

When developing the logo, you also think about the right colours for the company. Colours have a certain emotion. The style is then extended to stationery, business cards, powerpoint slides, website, outdoor advertising and sometimes corporate clothing. However, the house style goes even further. In fact, any contact that an organisation has with the outside world is part of the corporate identity.

After the development of the base of the logo and the corporate identity, we go a step further together with the business and look at the brochures, outdoor advertising, packaging, possible company clothing, car stickering, trade show presentations, posters, etc.

The result of a powerful corporate identity

The consistent implementation of the corporate identity in all contacts of the business with both the outside world and the internal employee ensures a huge recognition and clarity. It’s easy for the employees because it’s always clear to them how to present something. How do they close in an email, what does a powerpoint look like? The message is consistent. A positive appearance also makes people see the company as a positive ‘being’. Something people want to be a part of. Both to work and to become a customer.

The name and trademark right

For over 20 years we have been developing corporate identity styles, sports associations, museums, NGOs and the self-employed. Always with a lot of fun. You work with the passion of the people behind the organisations. In the development of logo and corporate identity, things such as trademark law often play a role. In addition to the name, you can also register the symbol developed by us so that you protect your brand. Also think about protecting your company name. For example, we have protected our name through the Benelux Merken’ Office under number 1347501. Look at that site. You can find all kinds of interesting information about protecting your name, brand or logo. A competitor cannot simply start an advertising agency with a name similar to ours.

Before registering, it is also important that you choose your domain name. A good name without there being an accompanying domain is worth nothing. After all, online is the first place your customers will search.

Will we help to achieve this beautiful result. Do you want to know how we work? Take a look at our clients page. But of course you can always contact us directly. Send a message or call 01628 918015.


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