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Ambasco like to think along with you. We have a lot of experience in developing packaging. Designing packaging requires a different approach to other types of design, (for example, a ‘flat’ brochure or a logo). After all, we must take into account the three-dimensional aspect. In addition, in the case of food or medicines, we must also take account for specific legal requirements. Because we have already developed many packaging projects, we are used to this.

Our approach is personal and in direct co-operation with the customer.

We will involve you in the development from A to Z. Why? Because only you know exactly what is and should or should not be acceptable. But watch out. We’ll surprise you! In short, we develop packaging from your target group, taking into account your wishes, legal requirements and of course logistical requirements. In addition to being commercially successful, new packaging must be practical and cost-effective. Porfessionally designed packaging which instead of 100 pieces only 50 fit in a large package, can probably achieve 10 additional sales, but if the logistics costs go up by 30 times then you may have lost more than you’ve won. It is essential to consider every angle. Our experience has taught us this, many times over.

Designing packaging requires a lot of personal contact.

In general, we first start with a brainstorming session. Talk about what we can and can’t incorporate, both from a design perspective and from a practical or legal standpoint. We look at what the wishes are, from your and your customer or partners’ perspectives. Why there should be new packaging, etc.. Then we want to look into the practical side. Both in retail outlets, shops for example, then at the production process and within the company. Nothing is as refreshing as watching the practice. We get our creativity from everywhere.

Sometimes a simple box in a production hall can suddenly give us an idea for a great design. Old photos from the archives are always good. We love to dive into the past for inspiration! We want to feel, smell and experience your organisation. Then we’ll get to work. Often our creatives come up with numerous designs. These are presented. Sometimes just in pictures, sometimes already worked out as a mockup. Together with you we choose a design or combine multiple designs. We continue with that and a final design is slowly forming. We do this continuously with you, so that we deliver a result that everyone wants and supports.

Lets meet. Have a cup of coffee or tea. Whatever is your favorite. Tell us about your ideas, your plans. We love to hear them.

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