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Communication is important. You want to know how to find new customers and increase sales, and your customers need to know that you are there for them, and that you have plans for the future.  You could of course send them a detailed email, you could call them and propose an online meeting, or  even send a nice brochure to them.. We can help with all three of these if you want. But how about sending your customer a really professional postcard and message? That’s a nice touch! And you know what? Because we’ve all struggled enough already, we’ll offer this service. Free.

Start here!

  • Choose one of the cards below.
  • Send us your logo and your message.
  • We’ll take care of the design and printing of 100 pieces and send you the complete package.
  • For FREE! No catch. We just feel we need to do this. Well, one catch. We’ll get in touch with you and hopefully some day you may hire us to get some fantastic designs done.
  • Do you want us to individually personalise these cards and put them in the mail for you as well? No problem. Just checkbox this in the form below. We will only charge you the actual cost we need to pay for this service.

Would you prefer your own design and do you have an idea of what you’d like? Tell us. We will design it for you. Again for free. Just because you are you.

Postcard design
postcard design

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About Ambasco

Ambasco, creative advertising agency from Berkshire. Our passion lies in the graphic design of the ambitions of our customers. We like to work in a personal way with our clients. Only through personal contact do we get to know a company and its target group well. The Ambascoteam has extensive experience in all forms of communication, from house style and website to brochures, packaging, outdoor advertising and complete exhibition design.

Ambasco Design

We work on building the positioning of your brand & corporate identity together. The creatives at Ambasco Design are hugely experienced. From corporate identity and logo development to design and development of  great websites. Strengthening your brand through a campaign, online – offline. We can do it and we do it. Continuously. For many different companies, there are many examples we can show you and testimonials if you need them

Ambasco Marketing

Understanding your brand, your clients and prospects. Aligned with the essence of your brand. Ambasco translate your business plans and marketing goals to effective campaigns. Combining your corporate identity, with killer designs and clever, creative ways to reach your audience. Delivering campaigns, online and offline. We love to think creatively. We proudly partner with companies, big and small. We deliver results.