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by | Jun 22, 2020

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Good website design is essential for your business. Your website is the first point of contact and as consumers identify businesses they want to engage with based upon internet searching, it is even more essential to have a professional looking web site.  In doing this, you are putting your business in the best position to succeed within your marketplace. Thousands of busineses know this, but still persist in owning websites that are poorly designed, non-functional, broken links, open to hacking and more. Below, are a few short but obvious points, on why getting your website professionally designed is so important.

Working With A Web Design Agency Creates A Website For:

Good First Impression

Your website is very likely to be the first point of contact for many prospective customers. This means that you must give off a good first impression. A lot of customers will look at your website to determine whether or not you are credible. Therefore, you need to create a that look of professionalism and to put your brand/business in the very best light, right off the bat. If your competition’s websites are extremely professional looking and your business’ isn’t, you will find yourself losing a lot of potential market share.

Your Website Being An Asset

Traffic is essential, and your website must bring in traffic. It is one of the primary assets in your business when it comes to maximising leads. Having a professionally designed website will give you a greater chance of having your website rank highly within the search engines. Our professional website designers will know what it takes to get your website ranking.

This ranges from the way the site is developed and coded, right through to the speed of the site. Your site must engage and keep your customers interested, and then finally to take action. (All things that Google take into account when ranking your site in their search engines).


Web designers and developers from a well organised and experienced agency, will have the technical skill set and knowledge to ensure your website properly scales to mobile devices. They will ensure that it is optimised to load quickly, and is designed to maximise conversions once a prospective customer lands on your page.

Maintain A Consistent Brand Identity

Your branding needs to be consistent across all channels. A consistency of identity and the way you communicate (the language you use and the way you say things) will help you garner more credibility within the marketplace. It will help customers know what your business is about. Having a consistent brand identity across the board can really do wonders at helping you maximise your returns on your website and branding in general.

Better Navigation

Maintain a consistent and optimised user experience across your website. A professional will know what needs to be done to improve the navigation of the website and to ensure each visitor has a good experience, so use them. The result is that you will  keep your visitors on your page rather than bouncing off it.

A professional design agency will deliver so many benefits to your website. You will get a highly optimised site that looks and performs much better than your competition. It will help you drive more organic traffic and convert the traffic that you do get into actual leads for your business. Creating more revenue for you!

What can Ambasco do for you?

Our specialists know all about designing and developing easily accessible websites. We mainly work with WordPress and create the most beautiful sites that are 100% tailor-made and unique for your organisation. We develop sites that work optimally for Google, which pay off and are also beautiful and fit your business. How do we do that? Let’s talk about that or get inspired, see our work page!