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Ambasco, the Reading web design company are based just outside Reading and we design websites that are not only beautiful, but fit in with your corporate style, and deliver exactly what you require them to do. The Ambasco team provide  web design, web development and hosting. We develop on either your own content management platform, or WordPress. Both platforms ensuring that you can easily maintain the website yourself, add new text, images and work on your positions on the search engines. But of course we are always here to help provide any service you require.

Professional web design in partnership with Ambasco

In short, you want real personal contact and your website developed by people who you can talk to and who really understand how you think and work, instead of working with a distant ‘friend’ somewhere on the other side of the world. Ambasco is based locally to Reading and the ideal company for you to work with. Ambasco’s strength is personal contact, translating what you want to achieve and then building a site that is beautiful, effective and also easy to maintain.

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What’s our process for web development?

When developing a website, we always take the target group into account and next  ensure that the site works on every type of screen they are likely to use. Whether you see the site on a large screen on your desk or on your phone. Functionally, you may want to see something different on a phone than on a normal PC. The Ambasco Web Designers are used developing websites that work optimally on different devices. But it all starts with the fundamentals of good design targeted at the correct audience, followed by a professional approach and systematic building and techniques. Additionally, we also take into account the requirements of search engines such as Google and Bing. At Ambasco, we take care of the entire process for you and take the hard work off your hands, leaving you to focus on growing your business!

A beautiful design that’s easy to maintain

The Achilles heel of a website is often how easy it is for the owner to update and maintain. There are many websites you come across with news items that are more than a year old. It is often not the fact that the owner doesn’t want to update their site, but more likely it is just too difficult to post news or amendments. Ambasco Webdesign Reading has developed its own content management system with which you can easily post news, photos, etc. In addition, our developers work a lot with WordPress. That is also a  world leading and very easy to understand system with which you can easily and quickly  post new information. Of course you have to have something new to post to your web site! That sometimes sounds easier than it is. But you can try to add something  every few days. It doesn’t have to be much.

Google considers a site that is updated regularly quite important! Google indexes its search results based on content and text. The more often you post updates and the more often other websites write about your website, the more important your website should be according to Google. So make serious work of this! We can help you with this as well, with our own in-house copywriters. Like we said Ambasco can take all the hard work away from you!

Our approach to designing and developing websites

Ambasco uses a practical approach for web design in which we go through a number of phases.

1. Analysis
In this phase it is the intention to compile your wishes and requirements. We have conversations with those in charge. Based on these conversations, we document exactly what needs to be done. It’s possible that wishes emerge during this phase that are different from what is originally discussed when you are budgetting. This can affect the work and therefore the cost. This will be clearly communicated and only carried out after agreement.

2. Design
We design the website and present it as a mockup. This is usually an HTML page but can be a PDF. The point is that we first agree on the look & feel of the website. Naturally, the starting point is your corporate identity and logo, this is the basis of your organisation. Obviously we can look at this first if there is a need for it. Ambasco is a full-service design agency that not only specialises in web construction, but also develops corporate identity and logo , UX design, outdoor advertising, packaging design and of course, complete communication concepts.

3. Construction
After approval of the design, the website is programmed. This will initially focus on design and then on functionality.

4. Concept delivery
The concept delivery is presented

5. Explanation 
We organise a few hours to explain how the website can be updated with text and images. The aim is that the customer can maintain the website themselves. A short manual will also be provided.

6. Content upload
Ambasco will start uploading content together with the customer. Ambasco will provide support with images and if the customer has text completed, we can upload and edit them if necessary. In this way we ensure that text and images enhance each other nicely upon completion. You are responsible for the content. Ambasco will provide as much support in this as possible.

7. Delivery
During the upload phase of content it becomes clear whether everything is working properly and whether everything is also doing what it should do. Fixes can be implemented in this phase before the site can be put live.

Would you like Ambasco the Reading Web Design Company to develop your web design in Reading? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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Ambasco, creative advertising agency from Berkshire. Our passion lies in the graphic design of the ambitions of our customers. We like to work in a personal way with our clients. Only through personal contact do we get to know a company and its target group well. The Ambascoteam has extensive experience in all forms of communication, from house style and website to brochures, packaging, outdoor advertising and complete exhibition design.

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