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by | Apr 20, 2020

Designing a logo. Simple, isn’t it? Contractor, just a little roof by name and there’s your logo. Not so. An effectively designed logo is a particularly complex job. The logo often serves multiple purposes. Besides having to notice, you also want to give an unconscious message. Colours play an important role. The logo must remain in any format on which it is used. Good designers have talent for this special craft. And let those talents work at Ambasco ?.

Fortunately, there are many more graphic talents out there. Logo Designers who are able to hide a message in a logo. We’ve collected a few. Logos that are great. That inspire and show you that with a ‘simple’ image you tell what you are, who you are and what you want to be.

Below is a nice list of logo designs that inspire! Do you want such an inspiring logo? Then have a look what Ambasco can do for you!


The Logo of Airbnb is a composite logo of 4 different symbols. The first symbol is a head. That represents a human. The second is the location icon. Known from google maps. The third symbolizes a heart to represent love. The latter is airbnb’s A.

Amazon, logo design from A to Z with a smile

As probably everyone knows, a huge e-commerce company from the US. The logo contains a few beautiful symbols. First, they emphasize the A and the Z. By placing the arrow half round with an open point, a smile is created. Great found. Shop with a smile in a store that has everything.

FedEx, the arrow that indicates direction

FedEx’s logo design is perhaps the most famous logo with a hidden message. It is a typographical logo that is simple and recognizable. It makes great use of so-called ‘negative space’. The white space between the letter ‘E’ and ‘x’ forms an arrow that indicates the direction. It is a symbolization of speed, progress and precision, which is appropriate for FedEx..

Adidas, the mountains every athlete must overcome

The world famous sports brand Adidas owes its name to the German Adolf Dassler. Adidas’ logo has changed over time, but one important element has always been retained: the three stripes. The three stripes collectively symbolize a mountain. A mountain represents the life challenges of an athlete he will have to endure over the years. Everyone starts at the bottom of the mountain and reaches the tops of its ability with Adidas.

Hyundai, two people shake hands

A beautiful brand that is becoming more and more famous. A logo design that seems simple. Just an italics written H. No not. This has really been thought through. The logo symbolizes two people shaking hands. By shaping the figures tightly, the letter H appears. Ideal of course when the name starts with an H. With the handshake they symbolize the connection with the customer and of course a satisfied purchase agreement.

Sony, VAIO Analog and digital signal meet

Sony had a separate brand, VAIO, some time ago. It doesn’t exist anymore. But the logo design was a piece of art. Most people don’t see it, but it was an integration of an analog signal and a digital binary number. This combination stood for the advanced technology of the VAIO product line.

Cisco, the magnetic waves and the Golden Gate Bridge

Cisco is a large American company based in San Francisco that specializes in network equipment. Cisco’s dashes represent magnetic waves and correspond to the pillars of the Golden Gate bridge. The name Cisco is of course derived from the city where the company was founded.

Toyota, one image, all the letters

The Toyota logo with the 3 ovals was developed in 1989. Officially, the inner two elipses represent the bond between brand and customer. The outer oval depicts that the company is active worldwide. If you look closely, all the letters of the name are also hidden in the symbol. Creatively found composition of letters. You have to do your best for it, but it’s true. Nice logo design!

Sun, the name in the logo without S

The company no longer exists, but the logo is worth mentioning. A true optical feat. No matter how you look at the image, the name is readable from every angle you look at it. The name starts with the S, but the letter S is not included in the logo. We really like this logo design. Great found.

Soundcloud, quality symbolized

In Soundcloud’s logo, audio waves turn into an orange cloud. The cloud represents the internet, or online service. The vertical stripes symbolize audio waves, but from psychology we also know that vertical stripes represent high quality.


What can Ambasco do for you?

Our designers have been making logos for over 20 years! We develop a full corporate identity with you. We visualize what you have in your head. Need a refresh of your logo? We make sure you’re back up to date and still the same…. How do we do that? Let’s talk about that or get inspired on a work page!

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